Art, Stickers, and Mental Health | Dan Pearce Sticker Shop


I'm Dan Pearce, the artist and creator of all these stickers. My true story is that I am a single dad who was kind of (but just barely) internet-famous not too long ago. Through very little awesomeness of my own, I somehow racked up a couple million Facebook followers as a writer and blogger.

THE COLD, HARD, INTERESTING TRUTH ABOUT THAT... I actually live my day to day life coping with various mental illnesses, and let me tell you that all that endless limelight really didn't ever work well for me and my type of crazy (which includes bipolar disorder and sensory overload disorder, to name a couple).

Over time, constantly being seen and watched by that many people really took its toll on me, and eventually I had to pull the plug before I couldn't mentally recover from being in the daily spotlight.

Art has always been the remedy

Quite honestly, you're buying these stickers from a guy who is never more than three steps away from the loony bin. Are you (hopefully) okay with that? Good. I knew we'd be fast friends. Creating and selling my art is actually all I do for a living now because for more than 30 years it has helped my brain remain functional and resemble something I could almost call normal.

This sticker was created from one of the hundreds of works of art or designs I have created while avoiding those strange and awkward places my brain loves to take me. Art is my escape. It's my meditation. It's my way of balancing a life and mind that I have learned I cannot ever control.

Why would I ever share all that?

I share it because we all have our own types of crazy, we all have our own struggles, and I will never stop doing my part to help erase the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

I also sincerely hope to inspire all my fellow nutter butters to pick up a pencil, or a ball of clay, or a paint brush, and just go to friggin' town with it. Don't worry if you ain't got the skill yet. Just pick up an artist's tool and have at it. Do it for you. Do it for your beautiful brain.

$0.50 from every sticker I sell goes to mental health causes and charities

I think it's beyond important to make sure that a percentage of every order I receive goes to amazing charities, and that's why I donate fifty cents from every sticker to causes that focus on mental health.