I have always offered my art as premium prints and nothing else. Then in 2019, my sister (who has had awesome success with stickers of her own) convinced me to give premium stickers a go since I do have so much artwork from the last 20 years.

At first, the purist artist in me really didn't want to be a "sticker guy," but after seeing how much people sincerely loved what she was doing, I decided to give it a shot and see how I felt about it. Long story short... I ordered a few to sell, which turned into a few dozen more, which eventually turned into more than 500 different stickers that I have created from my art and design.

Over time, I've come to love sending my art out as stickers. I know that that my art is my art, and if people are appreciating it, why does it matter where and how they appreciate it? Shouldn't the love for art be up to the person buying it?

It brings me legitimate artist's joy to see all the photos sent to me of all the places people find to stick my art. Stickers genuinely make people happy. They are easily appendable to all sorts of personal spaces and items. They make a statement about the person who buys them and sticks them. They give people fun and interesting things to talk about. They bring little bursts of satisfaction to people.

Being the "sticker guy" isn't such a bad thing to be at all, I've decided. In fact, it's kind of baddass and awesome.

I hope that after you get your stickers from my shop you'll also send me a picture of the places you decide to stick them. That is my favorite part of any order I receive.

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