In 2002, I had transitioned to doing animal portraits as a full-time business. It was mostly dogs, cats, and other common pets.

Every so often, I would get really burnt out looking at other people's photographs and copying all the intricate details of what I saw there. Whenever that would happen, I learned to put it all away and draw something of my own. In this case, I admittedly was a obsessed with some pig on the internet, and pigs were on the mind.

There are ten gazillion (plus two babillion) drawings of pigs out there, but not a lot of simple, yet highly detailed graphite and charcoal drawings of pigs like this.

When you make art your business, it's easy to get burnt out by it and lose your love for it if you don't mix in something new here and there, and that's exactly what this "Pigs!" drawing did for me. It pulled me out of a BLEH moment of life.


In 2020 I added "Pigs!" to the Sticker Shop in two different sizes (3.5" and 5.25"). View the sticker.

It was my first experiment turning pencil drawings into stickers. I had no idea if they would make great stickers, but they quickly became a Sticker Shop favorite!

Dan Pearce | The Dan Pearce Sticker Shop

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