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"Punk" Adorable Robot

Character's real name: Andie

Out of my 12 siblings, nobody embraces their existence and right to be truly free and authentic more than Andie does. Her creativity is matched only by her intelligence. Her energy is matched only by her confidently sensitive heart.

From piercings to tattoos, mohawks to buzz cuts, and a laugh that makes the whole room pay attention, she is a presence that can't be ignored, yet is always wanted. Andie is definitely someone worth knowing.

~Dan Pearce

PS. Andie's sticker is cute as a button.

Her art print will make you smile every time you walk by it.

Her t-shirt will put you in the right mood wherever your feet take you.

Her hoodie is comfy, cozy, and beyond premium quality.

Andie isn't just my sister, she is also a very dear friend of mine. It was a pleasure to create a character just for her.

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