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"Nature Lover" Adorable Robot

Character's real name: Melanie

Plants and herbs make Melanie feel truly grounded. Being outdoors and in the sunshine is happiness simplified. She loves her crop tops, tank tops, and hippie pants. Melanie's long hair is as much a part of her as her intrinsic spirit is.

She is sometimes quiet and reserved, which just makes her sincere laughter mean that much more. Melanie is definitely someone worth knowing.

~Dan Pearce

PS. Melanie's sticker is cute as a button.

Her art print will make you smile every time you walk by it.

Her t-shirt will put you in the right mood wherever your feet take you.

Her hoodie is comfy, cozy, and beyond premium quality.

Melanie is a good friend of mine. It was a pleasure to create a character just for her.

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