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"Doggy" Adorable Robot

Character's real name: Trixie

Trixie is a miniature Bernedoodle. How do I sum up Trixie... Always spunky, always high energy, always happy, always bouncing off walls, and an "always there" kind of dog. I raised her from a puppy, and she lives with Kelsey now, one of my best friends. I have no doubt the two were truly meant for each other.

The ability to teach you as much about yourself as any human will, an inextinguishable desire to play, and a herding instinct that brings laughter to every human she encounters, Trixie is definitely a doggy worth knowing.

~Dan Pearce

PS. Trixie's sticker is cute as a button.

Her art print will make you smile every time you walk by it.

Her t-shirt will put you in the right mood wherever your feet take you.

Her hoodie is comfy, cozy, and beyond premium quality.

Trixie is such a good doggy. It was a pleasure to create a character just for her.

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