Hologram Snitch - Hologram Sticker

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Premium Hologram Sticker

PERSONALLY DESIGNED: This premium hologram sticker features my personal artwork and design, sold only here. Want more? View all my hologram stickers.

GUARANTEE: Not all hologram stickers are created equally. This sticker is absolutely vibrant and far more resilient than most. Read more below.

"GIVE & GET" PROGRAM: Eligible! $0.50 from your purchase of this sticker will be given to an incredible mental health charity.

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Hologram Stickers are {definitely} where it’s at right now

There's a reason why hologram decals are becoming more popular than pigs in rain boots... These stickers are mind-trippingly nifty when you turn them back and forth in your hands or when you walk past them in the sunlight. Holograms capture people’s attention and they definitely get others talking. Sure, they cost a smidge more since they’re trickier to have made, yet (between you and me) they fly off the shelves faster than any other type of sticker I sell.

Pick a surface and sticker it with purpose…

Rest assured that you'll be able to use this ridiculously resilient decal on your favorite water bottle, car, bathroom mirror, Trapper Keeper, laptop, or on any other surface you are obsessed with covering.

When you first feel this sticker, you'll understand that some stickers are just… nicer

  • Water may try, but it can't hurt this sticker
  • Direct sunlight's got nothing on it
  • Extreme weather might as well just walk away right now
  • Even your heated dishwasher is going to sit and sulk when it can’t do any damage to it

"Unique" is this sticker’s middle name

This is the only place you'll ever find this sticker, and since every sticker I sell was created without the rest of the sticker world in mind, you know you're getting something different and special.

Happy shopping. You're really going to like what I send you.


If you haven't hit the checkout button (just yet), how about a few (totally pointless) sticker thoughts from yours truly?

  • Stickers are like tattoos for your things. Once you get one you like, it's really hard to not want another (and another)
  • Cheap stickers are like cheap tattoos. You tend to get bored of them quickly and they are a real pain to remove
  • "Sticker" rhymes with "liquor,' which is the name I should have given my dog since I'm always yelling, "don't lick her!" (sorry, not sorry)
  • I never thought I'd grow up to be the "sticker guy." And if I am a sticker guy, does that mean I never actually grew up?

A quick note about all hologram stickers (even premium ones like mine):

Hologram stickers can be damaged by car washes, window wipers, and long/constant exposure to outdoor direct sunlight. My hologram stickers do better than great in direct indoor sunlight or when used on windows, water bottles, laptops, etc.

Be confident in your purchase. Take care of your sticker, and it will stay perfectly awesome for a long time to come.

  • I currently ship my stickers to the USA, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand only.
  • FREE Shipping on all U.S. orders over $25. Free shipping on Canadian orders over $45.
  • All orders are shipped out within 1-3 business days (depending on which option you choose at checkout).
  • Priority shipping options are available.
  • All stickers and stationery are well-protected during shipment.
  • I guarantee the quality of my premium stickers and stationary 100%. If you are unsatisfied upon receiving them, return your order in brand new condition for a full refund, no problem.
  • At this time, I do not offer exchanges.
  • If your sticker is damaged by water, sunlight, the dishwasher, or by the elements, simply take a picture and send it to me. I'll send you a digital gift card to buy a new one (no more than the price you paid, max $5).
  • Warranty does not include normal sticker wear and tear (such as edge peeling from improper placement, placement on rounded surfaces, or placing the sticker somewhere that it is consistently grabbed/touched). These stickers are absolute premium quality, and they are still stickers. You take care of them, they'll take care of you.
  • I created these product images in Photoshop. I did my best, but the sizes may not be exact compared to real life. Please look at the measurements before you buy.
  • I like making new art for new stickers more than selling them, so I have an assistant that will do most of the work fulfilling these orders.
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