Semicolon Survivor #1 - Premium Sticker

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Sticker Size: 3.5"
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Product Description:


This sticker has been marked as "clearance" and is greatly discounted. Reasons may include lack of interest, slight flaws, color issues, difficulty to read from a distance, etc. Clearance stickers are not scratch & dent. They are just as high quality as any other sticker in my shop, but I need to move them quickly to make room for other stickers. Please note that the minimum order amount in my shop is $4 to make sure I don’t lose money on a sale. Clearance stickers do not come with warranties.

They’re still awesome. They’re still premium. Load up on as many as you want until they’re officially gone!

Sticker designs closer to my heart than most...

This sticker is part of a bigger "Mental Health & Suicide Awareness" Collection, which features several different semicolon, depression, and survivor designs, as well as many other self-empowering reminder stickers for those who do struggle.

Mental health and suicide awareness/prevention are so important to me for a lot of personal reasons (as you may have noticed throughout my shop).

The meaning of the semicolon:

The semicolon is a symbol that depression and hopelessness don't have to end your life with a period. You can have your more difficult moments, represented by a semicolon instead.

The semicolon has important meaning for those who have chosen to keep going and keep trying even though it is sometimes the last thing they want to do.

The stickers in this special collection are all about the very real survival and badassery of those who find the will to keep going even from the darkest of places.

There's no sugar-coating it. Life is tough. For some of us though, it's a bit too tough from time to time. You, though, you're bigger than any moment. You're stronger than any dark feeling. You're bigger than any dark corner. You're a survivor.

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline

It may feel like it, friends, but you don't have to be alone. There are volunteers - absolutely beautiful humans - who have been where you are. They are there to talk, or just to listen. You are important. Your life is important. Good things are coming. All you've gotta do is get through this. Please take my word for it and dial this number if you need someone to be there:


Pick a surface and sticker it with purpose…

Rest assured that you'll be able to use this premium decal on your favorite water bottle, car, bathroom mirror, Trapper Keeper, laptop, or on any other surface you are obsessed with covering.

When you first feel this vinyl sticker, you'll understand that some stickers are just… nicer

  • Water may try, but it can't hurt your sticker
  • Direct sunlight's got nothing on it
  • Extreme weather might as well just walk away right now
  • Even your heated dishwasher is going to sit and sulk when it can’t do any damage to it

"Unique" is this sticker’s middle name

This is the only place you'll ever find this sticker, and since every sticker I sell was created without the rest of the sticker world in mind, you know you're getting something different and special.

Happy shopping, and happy living, my friend. You're really going to like what I send you.

Ahem. Something lighter hearted real quick?

If you haven't hit the checkout button (just yet), how about a few (totally pointless) sticker thoughts from yours truly?

  • Stickers are like tattoos for your things. Once you get one you like, it's really hard to not want another (and another)
  • Cheap stickers are like cheap tattoos. You tend to get bored of them quickly and they are a real pain to remove
  • "Sticker" rhymes with "liquor,' which is the name I should have given my dog since I'm always yelling, "don't lick her!" (sorry, not sorry)
  • I never thought I'd grow up to be the "sticker guy." And if I am a sticker guy, does that mean I never actually grew up?

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